Elite Pro-Wall Self Priming Skim and Top Coat

Elite Pro-Wall Primer-Surfacer is a dual-purpose vinyl acrylic latex-based Gypsum coating developed for interior application on new drywall surfaces. It offers a Level 5 plaster skim quality finish on taped and jointed walls/ceilings which are ready to receive decoration, with a single spray application giving the same quality finish as the usual two-step process of skimming surfaces and then using a coat of primer. Provides a perfectly flat finish with taped joints concealed (which looks as good as a plaster skim finish). Ceilings can be left as a finish coat. Walls will only require a mist-coat plus one topcoat in the specified colour.

Elite Pro-Wall ensures that the surface of the drywall will be uniform. The porosity of the substrate will be equalised meaning joint & tape lines will not show through your finish coats. Elite Pro-Wall can be tinted to almost any colour from the standard colour ranges. After one coat of Elite Pro-Wall has been applied to the substrate in your chosen colour, a single application of a topcoat is all that is required to provide snag free, outstanding results.

Elite Pro-Wall provides a hardwearing, tough finish with superior scuff and scratch resistance. This product is quick drying and easy to apply whilst providing good opacity and coverage. This coating is versatile as it can be applied to new or aged substrates and provides excellent adhesion to plasterboard and porous mineral substrates. Elite Pro-Wall can be left as a finish coat if required.



Technical data (PDF)