We appreciate your situation in the chain of events that leads from the selection or specification of our coatings through to the application of the coating and approval of the finished results by your client.

To that end we are pleased to assist you in the selection of our products and in the best methods of application of our products and on the type of substrates that you are applying our products to.

We are available to discuss your concerns (01492 544777, to ensure that you are happy with the application procedures and that your client is pleased with the finished result.

We produce coatings that deliver exceptional results for contractors and applicators, we only offer products that we believe offer better value - and ease of application - than the big name brands. Our feedback from our clients and operatives confirms this on a daily basis:


When you contact us you are talking directly to the company responsible for the manufacture, specification and distribution of the product, you are talking to the people who can inform you how to achieve the best results from our products and how to save money by using our products. Phone today - 01492 544777 - for more information about our coatings