About us

We are specialist coatings suppliers, we link directly to our production partners in the UK and Switzerland to produce problem solving coatings that outperform our competitors products.

We have been in business for over 15 years both in the application and the manufacture of coatings. We know through experience what we want from a coating and when we have not been achieving our high standards from existing coatings we have researched and developed new coatings to meet or exceed our needs and our customers, contractors or specifiers needs.

We can give you instant and direct advice about our coatings, how and when to use them, how much you will need, how much it will cost etc. We can even manufacture coatings specifically for your company or for your particular project.

We believe fully in the products that we offer and are quite happy to explain to you the key features of each of our products, whether it be Zero VOC, silver ion antimicrobial properties, stain blocking, class "0" fire rating or just excellent value for money.

We produce coatings that offer superb opacity, coverage and lifespan with special attention to reducing the number of applications and therefore saving time for clients and saving contractors valuable time on application.

We are a focused team of friendly approachable professionals, intent on offering you products that will meet your commercial needs and financial budgets, thus ensuring a continuing partnership long into the future.

Environment & VOCs

All our products are either Low VOC or Zero VOC. Our products already meet or exceed the 2010 EU regulations for VOC emissions, in fact we are at the forefront of research and development of coatings that offer the applicator and client a healthy and safe environment.

Our newest coating Elite Aquasafe+ zero VOC goes one step further and includes silver ion technology to inhibit the growth of microbes, the coating has been independently tested and was proven to reduce bacteria such as MRSA, Ecoli and Staph Aureus by 98% and subsequently inhibit future bacterial growth on the painted surface for the lifetime of the coating. The coating also contains no ozone depleting or groundwater contaminants and is not considered to be hazardous waste, we are also currently undergoing fire rating tests (Warrington Fire) to enable us to offer you the coating as a Class 0 product at no extra cost.

Our packaging, storage, product lifecycle, electricity and fuel consumption are also undergoing review and monitoring to ensure that cuts in waste or duplication can be implemented in a structured and accountable way.